Warm in Fall

I’m quite sad that I didn’t get to enjoy fall as much as I would have liked this year. Given that it was partially done since we got back from our Philippine vacation beginning of October. So really, I only got October to soak in all the yellow leaves, Thanksgiving festivities, and the best time of year to dress up! Unlucky for me, we already got snow on the ground, and so there goes my fall photo shoot ideas *insert upside down smiley emoji here*.

We took these photos on a surprisingly warm day. The weather was in the low 20’s so that’s quite a warm day for fall. Hence me being able to take my jacket off.

How I wish fall months were longer, but who am I kidding, I live in Winnipeg. It’s the North Pole out here for 7 months out of the 12. Crossing my fingers for a really pretty snow day (hopefully not a deadly cold one) so I can take some winter portraits!

Photos by Elcar hehe ♥ Thanks love.

My preset “Cool Breeze” was used in these photos; slightly tweaked to better suit the feel for these fall themed photos. 

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