Tuesday or Valentine’s?

Tuesday– a.k.a. Valentine’s Day!

If you read my last blog, you would know what Tuesdays are all about. (hint)

Now, I was quite iffy to post anything from this day since it was quite all-over-the-place and didn’t get the photos I envisioned. Nonetheless, I still managed to find some cool snaps I took and will make due to tell you all about what went down on Valentine’s with my Valentine <3

Originally wanted to do a shoot at The Forks while enjoying the ~nicer~ weather and pretty much breaking out of the cliche Valentine’s dinner. I’d much rather spend a whole day doing activities, etc. And just having fun. It turned out that the day wasn’t as nice as we thought and were completely under-dressed for it. So the Forks didn’t last very long for us. After a quick lap around the market, we took off to Assiniboine Park– with hopes of getting a better setting, and perhaps a magical turn-around for the weather.

Long story short, our visit to Assiniboine Park was short-lived, with a little disappointment. No shoot done, poo!

BUT! Shout out to Elky for saving the day and decided to take me to tavern for some draaaanks and electronic darts– which I, by the way, WON twice out of two games. First timer prodigy? I think, yes.  (I wish I whipped out my camera at tav, but I just wanted to enjoy myself).

And to put the cherry on top, we had my favorite Chinese food for dinner (that I’ve been craving for days…and still am craving…as I write this post). Nothing like Emerald could’ve completed my Valentine’s day. I swear ya girl don’t need much. Just feed me what I’m craving. I know Elcar hoped he had brought me to Emerald sooner.

Regardless of our plans not pulling through– anything is always fun with this dude! As long as we’re being stupid and laughing together… or at each other, then we’re good to go.

Besides, it’s just another great Tuesday 🙂

I should really make Tuesday its own category on my blog. This is only another one of many Tuesdays with us, hehe.

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