Time Out

11:02 PM

Not like I’m drowning in stress nor have buried my ugly crying face into my favorite blankie, after sending an email to my Anthropology prof, “asking for the exam breakdown”, when really… that was just my cry for help. Hoping he’d notice and give me the biggest heads up or something. Hah.

I’ve posted not so long ago an update on life lately and I’m back sooner than I thought. I really wasn’t intending to blog tonight but my boyfriend urged me to– to relieve stress and I guess he’s right.

I’m on the home stretch for my fall term finals and I am barely making it, well I’m trying. But it all comes down to letting anxiety and stress consume me. Successfully (I’d like to believe), I finished my bio final exam strong and I feel somewhat confident in what I did. Prior to my bio, I wrote my final on Food: Facts and Fallacies and finished with an A+. That having said, I’m burned out. I’ve studied hard and loved studying for those two classes, as they are both in the sciences so the content was somewhat interrelated. Not only am I biased towards my sciences, but I’ve neglected my Anthropology class tremendously since my second midterm. I pretty much got a C on my second midterm which totally bummed me out because getting an A on my first midterm got my hopes up too high. GPA booster my ass. Neglecting that class was a mistake, and it’s coming to bite me right in the derriere. Beginning of the school year, Anthropology was the only class I was fully caught up with– the tables have totally turned. I was on track with my readings, etc etc., and now I am caught blankly staring at pages and pages of readings.

What now?

I guess I’ll have to just give it what I can and try my best. I can only hope for the best and keep that faith.

Sigh. That’s university for ya.

Started off to a good start and partly the reason why this upsets me so much because I wanted to have everything in the bag, you know? Just wanted that security knowing I’ll ace all my classes.

Needless to say, blogging did make me feel a little calmer than I was earlier. Again, all thanks to my boyfriend for the idea, and for sending me voice recordings of him singing because he’s simply the best. So, so grateful to have him to keep me sane especially in times like these.

Not the kind of blogs I want to post all the time, but it is my personal blog after all, so these little rant posts are accepted, right?

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