Something Old & Something New

Something old and something new.

In a sense that my short hair is new, literally– I just got a haircut. And old because this isn’t the first time I went this short.

This was one of the biggest things I was looking forward to other than the fact that… HERE WE ARE AGAIN, DOLLS!!!! Who else is lovin’ the new look and the new domain, cause I sure am! I worked on it until 4am last night after wings and drinks with Elcar. It’s what I’ve been itching to get to once I finished my exams, which I thankfully survived.

I am both proud and exhilarated about my new blog, and how much work + love I will be putting into it. I’ve never felt so excited about something in so long, and I already feel so many good things about 2017.

This year is full of hope, dreams, goals, faith and happiness, all because that’s how I want to see it. As cliche as it is, at the end of the day, it really is all mind over matter. Gradually, I’ve been working on training the mind to cast away all fears, worries and anxiety. Which brings me to the stress and burning out I experienced not so long ago. I had to consciously tell myself that if I continued to stress and worry over that exam, it’ll do no help to me at all. Instead, I tried my best to study all I can, and accepted what was in store for me. If I got a good grade then great, if I didn’t then that’s okay too because failing is OK– it is all necessary for growth and maturity. Nobody got “there”, to their destination, in a straight line of success. A grade would not define you and at the end of the day, there are more things bigger and better than school itself and that degree.

If it’s good then great, if it’s bad, it’s experience



Life is complex and simple; it’s good and bad, all simultaneously. But if you learn to love it and accept it, you’re unstoppable.



x Joyce

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