Pt 2


Well, I was going to upload them eventually!

I was wondering if anyone wanted to see or learn some makeup tips?! I am a make-up junkie as much as I am a photo junkie– soooo, I’d love to share some things I do on my face hehe.

I actually regret not taking photos of all the glam looks I’ve done when I go out. But I can always do something for the blog. It’s just that I’m nearing my exams reaaaaal soon and I need to hustle. Been quite unmotivated for school and find myself blogging more than I am studying… yikes. It’s so hard to rip myself off my laptop!

On top of that, I’m also thinking of a whole bunch of photo shoot ideas that I’m excited to do, so I get super stoked for my blog and end up totally neglecting school. Anyhow, ya girl gotta get that education too *insert flexing arm emoji* so catch y’all later.

Stay tuned x


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  • Would love to read some posts about make-up – especially the daily make-up looks. I’m a total beginner at it. I love the portraits, too! I’m still gathering up my confidence to have portrait shots. Haha.

    xo, Richel V.

    • joycecrls

      Yay!! Noted 🙂 thanks for stopping by ❤️ I’ll definitely do that in my future posts!