The Ordinary: Foundation Review

Hello friends,

I decided to do a review on The Ordinary’s Coverage and Serum foundations. I have been using the coverage formula for quite some time now, and recently bought the Serum one as well. Let’s get to it!

I copped this foundation a couple months ago to see for myself what all this hype is about. When I placed my order, they were out of stock on the shade that I was thinking of getting. I had to settle and buy two shades, one lighter and one darker so I can just mix them up. The shades available at the time were: 2.1Y Medium Yellow Undertones and 2.0 N Light Medium Neutral, which are the ones I ended up getting. On top of that, I also wanted to try their primers since they apparently work super well with the foundations. I got the High-Adherence Silicone Primer and the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer.

Coverage Foundation


  • Full coverage. It really is pigmented and can cover most imperfections with just one layer.
  • Light on the face. With its coverage, you would think it would be quite thick and cakey on the face, but it isn’t. It’s surprisingly very light, barely feels like anything.
  • Thin formula. Sorry if I’m using the wrong terms here, but compared to most foundations I have used, this formulation is quite runny. Which makes it easy to spread and it doesn’t dry too quickly.
  • The Coverage Foundation is only $6.90 Canadian dollars. Less than half the price of my favorite drugstore foundation.


  • Settles on lines. I didn’t notice this initially until a high school friend of mine pointed it out when she asked how I was liking the foundations. This is quite disappointing because coverage is perfect, it just doesn’t become one or set nicely on your face. You can really tell that you have foundation on, and it doesn’t look like just skin. If you know what I mean… haha. With my L’Oreal Infallible foundation, once the foundation sets, it just looks like my skin and it blends seamlessly with the rest of my face. It settles around my nose and smile lines, definitely the crease under my eyes.
  • Oxidizes hella. Lol pardon my slang and informality, but these foundations reaaaaally oxidize. And they oxidize fast. I mix the foundation colours on the back of my hand and within seconds they are a shade darker already. So for me at least, it makes it kind of hard to really match my skin tone.
  • Gets quite oily. After a few hours wear, you definitely need to touch up if you’re an oily gal. And you definitely need to set it, even if it feels matte on application.



Serum Foundation

With the Serum Foundation, I noticed it to be a little bit more runny. I guess because it’s supposed to be a ‘thinner’ formula in general and a sheer coverage. However, it’s quite buildable, less streaky & settles nicer than the coverage formula. But in terms of oxidizing, lack of mattifying abilities, and consistency, it’s quite similar to the coverage one. I may prefer the serum better, but I would have to wear it a couple more times to see for myself.


I don’t have much to say about their primers, because I honestly did not see anything significantly special about them. Although, I should mention that I usually only use them with The Ordinary foundations as well, which don’t compliment my skin as much, if I’m being real.

The High-Adherence Silicone Primer is supposed to work better for oily skin, while the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer on dry / normal skin. I have a combination of both, so I got both primers.

The silicone primer’s consistency reminds me of a thick moisturizer. It’s supposed to feel a little tiny bit tacky on your face so the foundation “sticks” better? I don’t use this one as much, I guess because it’s winter right now and my skin is a lot drier than normal so I opt for the Fluid Primer, which feels like a serum.

That being said, I use the High-Spreadability Fluid Primer a lot more especially right now. It just feels a lot nicer on my dry skin and feel like foundation moves a lot more fluidly on my face with this primer on. I sometimes just use it to moisturize my face, since it has a gel-like, serum-like consistency to it.


Final verdict—I have to say you get what you pay for. They’re not terrible products, but they’re not a game changer either. I probably wouldn’t switch to these products from my old products completely because they just don’t work as well as I would like them to. I would use them every now and then and would probably repurchase because they’re good for short-time wear and just running errands kind of day. Or just any regular day that isn’t anything too special. It does the job + a bit of retouching throughout the day.

Currently, I am testing their skincare products which so many people are also raving about. So far so good. I don’t want to speak too soon, but they actually might be more worth in than the foundations. Stay tuned for that skincare review! I’m very excited about them! J

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