“Net Neutrality” simplified


If you are like me and hate reading long articles that don’t cut to the chase, then you’re in luck. I also definitely loathe heavily worded anything. Being a girl who types/writes like how she talks in real life, I really am not very fancy with words and my vocabulary isn’t the best– and who cares. I never claimed to be a writer.  I did get carried away and really passionate about spreading the word, so please bear with me with the lengthiness. BUT, I promise, it’ll be just like we’re talking to each other. 😉

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen or have heard Net Neutrality somewhere. Especially if you’re on the internet as much as I am. Some of you may know, have an idea, or have no fucking clue whatsoever and that’s why you’re here. Great!

Let me start off by telling you, awesome reader, that Net Neutrality is absolutely important. If you’re a damn blogger, you better know the significance and freedom of Net Neutrality. Luckily enough, I know about Net Neutrality because I had to write about my opinion towards it / whether or not I support it for my Computer Usage class last school year. Had I not taken that class, I frankly won’t have an idea what this is and maybe be pretty ignorant about it– not gonna lie. Like I said, I hate reading long formal articles, unless somebody explained to me in a very straightforward manner.



Net Neutrality, in other words; “open internet”. It is the idea that your internet provider, such as MTS, Bell, Shaw, etc., should treat all your internet traffic the same way. It means that the provider does not accept payment to favour a certain website, or application and increase its connection speed for that specific app/website. This idea will inhibit providers from blocking access to specific websites or apps.


If you are wondering where these quotes are coming from, this was my assignment– wherein I had to explain my understanding of Net Neutrality and then express my opinion towards it. 

Let me tell you this: most internet providers (wherever you live in the world, they’re all thinking the same bullshit) aren’t very fond of net neutrality and could frankly make more money without it. Simple as that. If there is no Net Neutrality, big companies like Verizon, AT&T, *insert American internet provider here just in case you’re not from Canada and don’t know what the fuck Shaw or BellMTS are lol*, could only become bigger and better. Why? If say, Verizon teams up with Netflix and Spotify and you are with Verizon; you will get maximum internet speed when using these apps. If you then wanted to use Apple Music or even Facebook, and Verizon doesn’t get paid enough by these apps, your internet speed would be very crappy or not have connection to them at all. All because Verizon doesn’t “support” these apps, in other words, isn’t getting paid by Apple Music or Facebook the same way Netflix and Spotify pays them.

In other scenarios, you will have to pay extra $$$ for extra services/apps that might not be supported by your internet provider. It doesn’t make sense that you pay more when we can just keep Net Neutrality and be all happy. Don’t let them steal your money!

It’s really just a win for internet providers because of how much money they’ll make, and how much bigger as a company they’ll become. Which leads me to another reason why it’s such a disadvantage for us…

If you are a small shop, a website, an existing space online where you share whatever your heart desires, then your chances of recognition are slimmer.


In a scenario where providers would only favour Apple Music, and will therefore block any other music streaming services; there will be no chances for new apps and new concepts. Not only will everyone tire of the same thing; entrepreneurs would not succeed if their vision don’t even get the chance of recognition.


I can’t stress enough that especially for us bloggers who use cyberspace as our second voice for our thoughts and feelings about pretty much everything– this will affect us immensely. No one would ever see our contents and ideas as freely and as easily as they used to. Starting an online business will become almost impossible.

Speaking for the millennial in me: I know I love new concepts, new apps, new hype, etc. All these “new” things are created by someone out there who followed their dream and brought their visions to life. That’s why we have Instagram, for crying out loud. With Net Neutrality gone, there would be less “new”, because small-time apps or businesses won’t have the chance to grow, or even recognized if all these internet providers are only making space for big names and big dollars. In short, innovation, creativity and development would suffer. Freedom of the internet gives us a voice for our opinions and beliefs– and we shall not be silenced! Look, if we didn’t have this easy of an access to news and current affairs (through the internet), nobody would know much about Net Neutrality and no one will be able to defend it. We are only able to fight, get everybody involved and aware because of the freedom we currently have to share it (via twitter, FB, etc.). And they’re taking that freedom away from us. 

We would not have the same access to all sorts of information anymore. From Wikipedia, Google, Twitter (where the news really gets around, let’s be real)– we wouldn’t have the same ease using these pages on the net. We all know we use the online library called the internet for school. Yeah, that would suffer too.

I hope you learned something and are helping to protect this freedom. Help by spreading the news and get everybody involved. Help to protest. Help and sign a petition. It may not be happening in your country right now, but once the U.S. pulls through with removing Net Neutrality, everybody will be affected one way or another.


Am I in favour of Net Neutrality? Absolutely. Growing up with the internet and seeing the evolution and progress it has created, it would be difficult to change up what everyone is accustomed to. I am an active user of the Internet and appreciate the freedom of use, and everything that I learned and picked up from the web. In fact, I would not be aware of the topic of Net Neutrality if it weren’t from the help of the Internet. There is so much to learn and so much to share, we shouldn’t be limited to any of it.



**Link: Justin Trudeau on defending Net Neutrality** 
(Goooo Justin!!!!)


Shoutout to Unsplash for the stock images! If we didn’t have Net Neutrality, where would I get my photos?!?!?!


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