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FINALLY GUYS. Here it is! I finally put my big girl pants on and I’m ready for this new year of BLOGGING. Yes, you heard that right– I’m so so stoked to be back in the blogging community. My blogging attempts had been on and off the year prior and I just wanted to put a little more commitment this 2017.

I’ve been trying to work on this big move from Tumblr to WordPress for a couple of weeks now but I just can’t get a grip of what I really want. My visions just aren’t lining up, but that’s okay cause I’m learning so much along the way. There’s still a ton of work to get done for me to be satisfied with my final product…baby steps. Going from Tumblr where I can edit and easily tweak how I want my page to look like to this new platform feels very limiting. I’ve spent a huge portion of my holiday trying to familiarize myself with this new environment, and home-girl, lemme tell ya, it’s been frustrating. Nonetheless, I have so many plans for this blog and as I move forward, I’m sure to be upgrading into bigger and better things (perhaps my very own domain and all that jazz, woohoo). I mean, if I invest money, time and effort into this blog, then I must keep up with it, right?

Different platform, same goal. My vision for this blog is still the same as my previous one. It would be a place to document my personal life and experiences, but more than anything, my photography. As I grow with this blog, I want my photography to grow and improve with it. I think that’s my main objective. 2016 has lured me back into photography and reminded me of how much I love the craft. It’s going to be difficult juggling all of what I mentioned above with school, but I’ll try my very best!

I’ve always had a heart for blogging, and it goes to show how I’m back after being on hiatus for so long.

Thanks for stopping by!

x Joyce

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