Life Lately Vol. 2

So it’s been a minute since I posted some kind of life update.

Fridays I usually have as my day off from work. Today, I stayed home and enjoyed the gloomy ass weather with a nice cup of tea, and some blogging. Sometimes, nothing beats staying in and being cozy in bed. I usually have some places to go during my days off– events, going out with friends or softball games. I really took this day off for myself; with the tiresome workdays I have, I deserve some down time!

So as you may have read from my previous blogs, I work at an ice cream shop during the summer. I pretty much work full time hours, I guess. This 9-4 makes me feel extremely tired…and I thought I’d have more time to myself, like the afternoon and stuff. But no, I get home, shower, and just chill in bed until it’s sleepy time. My summer’s been bunk to say the least haha. I’m really trying not to go out and spend too much to save up for my trip to the Philippines that’s nearing!! I’m so, so excited!! But I also want to enjoy summer, so I’m trying to make the most out of it while still saving lol. That’s literally all that’s keeping me busy as of late. I’m just working every damn day… I sadly don’t even have the energy to do photo shoots right now. I just get too tired to even do anything after work. Hopefully that stops soon though, I feel like I’m wasting so much time not shooting. However, the weather’s been rainy and cold, so that’s fine I guess. I’ll get to it once it gets better! 🙂

That’s my update for now! You probably have seen my presets and attempt in improving my photo editing game. As you may know, I’ll have those presets up for download soon enough. Happy Friday ♥

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