Life Lately vol. 1

What am I up to lately?

While I could talk about school, as per usual, I’m going to save that boring stuff for later, or never.
Lately, I’ve been busy working bits and pieces of my blog– as you can see, the new theme. Gosh, I’ve been excessively obsessed with theme shopping… how weird am I? I’m always lurkin’ around, trying to find people who create the look that I want for my blog, etc. Happy to say that I’ve found what I wanted, and I’m extremely excited to transform this blog in the near future :~)

And I know you’re thinking: I already changed my theme, but only because I found a pretty sweet deal of 5 different themes for only $52. Oops. Kinda wish I didn’t give in to that, because I honestly only really liked one of the themes. Perhaps with some personal tweaking, I’ll be able to make it up to my standards LOL. I’m a guilty spender on themes, you guys. I need to be stopped. Credit cards are dirty little devils. Themes are pretty fucking expensive too.

Anyway, while browsing for WordPress themes, I came upon SO. MANY. blogspot themes that were cheaper AND very fitting to my taste. If you are wondering, did I consider making the move to blogspot just for the themes? Absolutely. But clearly, I didn’t. I just started on WP, and I’m loving it so far. No matter which article or blog post I read about the best blogging platform, WP always seem to win– so why move? Besides, I like the clean permalink for my posts. Nobody got time for .html shit. I totally just threw blogspot shade (lol), but watch me move in the future when I’m broke and can’t afford WP, ha-ha!

Future Plans

Other than the makeover that I’m planning (which really will happen wayyy later on, so don’t wait up just yet), I’m so, so stoked for the photo shoots I’ve been envisioning in my head, especially with Summer coming up. I’ll be sure to do sooo many shoots this summer. It’s going to be dope. Two more months of focus, then I’ll be free to shoot and blog all I want, yay!  I just want to make sure I do friggin great with school (cause priorities) before I blog. We in the home stretch anyway, sorta kinda.

Hello fellow bloggers!

I just want to make a quick shout out to the new bloggers I’ve met and followed. Thanks for visiting and following my blogging journey!! I love making new blogger friends. I met so many cool people back in my Tumblr days, and there’s definitely some that I still keep in touch with on social media these past years; even if it’s just through twitter or Snapchat. My point is, the blogging community is great– so many creative minds who inspire me to keep doing the things I do! So I definitely love talking to you guys and forming new friendships ♥

Philippines 2017

Last, but definitely not the least. This is probably the most exciting news I’m going to share on this blog post. The heading probably says it all. Ya girl’s visiting the Philippines later this year! It’s been 9 years since my last visit, crayyy! So I’m beyond excited for this trip! I low-key wish none of my friends in the Philippines see this so I can surprise them, but if they do then thanks for reading my blog LOL.  I won’t be telling when I’m leaving anyway so it’s still kind of a secret, hah. Other than the Philippines, I definitely have other travel plans for 2018 and ahh it’s going to be lit.


My bad if this got too long, but if you read all of it, you’re my favourite <3

What have YOU been up to lately? Leave me a comment of your blog post or just go to town on the comments section, I’ll be happy to read it all 🙂

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