Hell Week

Here to bring you a quick update in between my study sessions~

I’ve been itching to get posts out and just give my blog some lovin’, but unfortunately, it’s exam week y’all.  I had to get right into studying after the holidays as I have two finals to write; one tomorrow and my last one on Thursday.

I’ll be having a few days off after I’m finished my exams and I’m looking forward to bringing you guys more updates and exciting things I have planned for this new year! I can’t wait ?

For now, here’s one of the books I’m reading at the moment (that I finally got my hands on, after wanting it for quite some time, thanks secret Santa!) and my favourite calendar from Chapters (also thanks to my secret Santa).

Shout out to my boyfriend who’s my first blog subscriber and will be getting an email update about this post, haha. You’re the real MVP.



My throne. It’s not the iron throne (get it) but it’ll do. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting here more than I want to. My temporary chair, as I have not found the perfect ottoman for my vanity yet. Yes, I use my vanity as a study desk as well… I’ve nothing else, ok.


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