The Happy List vol. 2

I’m not going to lie and pretend my life is great. I’m also not going to write only when my life is good. That being said, I want to focus on positivity. Most especially on times that my life may not be the greatest. So I’m going to write as many happy lists / gratitude list as I can this year. To remind myself how blessed I am and to dwell only on the beauty of life. J Here’s my gratitude / happy list.

  1. Every night I pray, usually to thank Him for this life and for another day. I don’t ask for much, except for strength and guidance for every day. Above all else, I only have one super important prayer each night. I tell him that my biggest prayer is this one thing, and if he gives me that, then I don’t care if all my other prayers don’t come true. And that prayer is more time with my loved ones. That He gives them good health and keep them safe at all times. It did not matter what storm we go through in life, as long as all of us are healthy and safe so we can have more time together. Pretty lengthy, but this is one of the things I am very thankful for. I have a healthy family and every night I pray for that because there’s nothing else in this world that I want more but time with my family and loved ones. As I get older, I just begin to acknowledge the essence of time and how important it really is. So I’m thankful for time spent with loved ones.
  2. I love teasing my little brother and squishing him. He’s so big now I wish he can stay young forever.
  3. Listening to OPM makes me feel sooooo damn good. From legit OPM like Gary V, Ogie Alcasid, Regine, Apo Hiking Society– to new artists like Moira, and of course the bands. Eraserheads, Parokya, yassss I love OPM. It feels like home talaga.
  4. Thankful for my boss. Although my job is physically straining and super exhausting, I’m very happy with my coworkers and my boss. They’re really some of the nicest people who are almost like family. I’m talking about my ice cream shop job hahahaha
  5. Hanging out, chillin, talking and laughing with my family on our random get togethers is the best. I always love when people come over.
  6. Days off. Days off from work really make me happy. It means more sleep, more time to blog and do whatever I want and just time to myself and I love that.
  7. Super basic but I’m very thankful for my house, my room, all of this is a luxury to a lot of people around the world and I’m so thankful to have the kind of house that I have, and the kind of room and things that I have.
  8. I think this should’ve been on my first one, but I am very thankful that I am healthy. I am not sick. And health is wealth right?!


Eight is such a weird number to leave it but that is all for now!


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