The Happy List: vol. 1

If you’ve seen and followed my old blog on Tumblr, then you would know I totally love Camie’s idea of The Happy List, and have adopted the concept. I by no means claim that I thought of this, all props to Camie for the inspiration!



Without further ado, here’s a list of what’s been making me happy lately:

1. Blogging! I’m obsessed, and have been finding myself blogging everyday– or if not literally blogging, always trying to improve my blog in some way. I guess I better take advantage of some blogging ideas that I have flowing out. It’s definitely better than getting stuck in a rut.

2. Taking photos, portraits especially. (No, not portraits of myself, LOL)

3. Editing the portraits I took, playing with photoshop and finding new ways to post-process.

4. Waking up at 10 AM on days I have school. Goodbye to 6:45 AM alarm clocks and leaving the house while it’s still dark outside. Sleep is love♥

5. Voluminous wavy hair. Love me that messy, laid back, big hair 😉

6. Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. Need I say more?

7. Playing 8-ball pool with Elcar, haha. We stay up til 4am because I’m a sore loser and no one sleeps until I win a good amount of times. Sorry not sorry.

8. Having plenty of free-time now that I’m only taking 2 classes.

9. A better point of view and a better way of thinking. Really proud of how my mind is just choosing to see only the good in things and worrying less. Better days are ahead of me 🙂

10. Last but not the least! Probably the most positive thing in my life right now.
The motivation, inspiration, friendship, support, and the team Elcar and I have in our relationship is the best. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Relationships can get rough, and definitely tough– but it gets easier if you’re with the right person. Our relation had its fair share of bumpy roads, but I’d take those roads over again if we end up right here. It was all worth it and it will all be worth it, again and again. Being in love with your best friend is the best feeling in the whole fucking world. If I had to choose only one between having Elcar as a best friend or a boyfriend, I would have to choose best friend– only because no one has put me first, supported me and loved me as a person, for exactly who I am like he has. We could lose the lust, we could lose the attraction, but our friendship will never lose the love.  But how lucky am I to have him both a best friend and a boyfriend?! 🙂

(P.s. As I was writing my mushy #10, he messages me with: “Hey. I’m gonna marry you one day, and it’ll be the proudest day of my life.” Haha, we’re so grossly in love and cheesy, oops. Don’t worry, we save most of this gushiness for ourselves and for our eyes only– but occasionally sharing it, like right now lol.)

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