GTKM: Getting hitched

Haha, Alright. Nobody’s getting hitched, well, yet that is 😉 But don’t click away!

There are a lot of things that I love about life… but weddings are on another level. I’m not even joking. Truthfully, I am quite surprised at myself for not coming up with this blog post soon enough. Hands up if you have a…very unusual obsession with weddings, hehe. Who doesn’t love weddings? The idea of love, union, celebration, flowers, dresses, cakes, family, food… it ignites my soul and “it honestly puts me in such a great mood” is an understatement. It also does not help that same day edit or highlight videos have become a thing over time—you have no idea how many wedding videos I’ve watched on YouTube.

I’m not gonna name drop, but Jason Magbanua makes the most cinematic, dreamy wedding videos ever. I’m sure there are a lot more talented videographers out there, but best believe I’m going to work my ass off to afford him on my wedding day.

Weddings are my fairy tales growing up; and no, I do not have a WeHeartIt or a Pinterest category named “weddings”, nor have picked out my wedding reception playlist, or have decided on the cake that I want, the location that I want nor who my photographer is going to be, pfffft. Ok, but who am I kidding? I’m not even ashamed of it. I’m that friend who gets the “Been planning her wedding since middle school” in the game Drunk Stoned or Stupid. And yes, I have received that card for real.

I know it’s as if I have resurrected from the dead and here I am with a new segment on the blog “Get To Know Me (GTKM)“. Here, I will talk about things that I love; things that make me happy. And it can range from posts like this wedding one, to my favorite kind of music, how I handle stress, etc. Blogging has been very therapeutic to me, so giving the blog a little more love is on my to do list now for the rest of summer.

*Disclaimer: I do not own any photos nor claiming any of them! Credits to their owner.*


Ain’t no wedding without an Engagement Ring!

I love me some elegant and simple. I couldn’t find (ran out of patience looking) more photos of engagement rings that suited my taste, so these ones will do. These basically sum up my taste anyway. I like this oblong, elongated shape for the diamond. A plain band is fine with me, but I do like the look of the left one, being thin with little diamonds in it. If I’m being honest, I’m leaning towards thinner bands. I don’t know if I really like the slightly thicker one, like the one on the right. I just feel like thin is more dainty and I love that. Although, the right one is beautiful the way it is… Ahhhh. They’re both beautiful OK. I have to admit tough, I also love square shaped diamonds but something about them makes it feel too extra for my liking.


Again with the simple but elegant. I love v-lines for wedding dresses. Something sheer, dainty, with lots of details. The photos can probably explain better than I can. This is definitely something I’ve had my eyes on for awhile. Although for the longest time, I thought I would go for the sweetheart neckline.  It still might change though, I don’t plan on getting married soon obviously, and time really affects my taste in fashion. If I were to opt for the sweetheart neckline, the dress will have to be extra puffy. It can’t be any other way if I took the sweetheart route. I’m talking about Anne Curtis’ puffy wedding dress that she looked absolutely gorg in. But for now, I’m diggin’ the v-line and the hecka details.

*For Anne Curtis dress reference*


As for the reception, I love the idea of outdoor, clean, fresh, lots of greens, with a rustic touch. I would love a small intimate wedding, and this kind of venue seems fitting. I really hope I don’t end up in a huge function hall and lots of awkward space. I want this close knit environment– something about is warm and homey, and that’s what I want.

I love long ass tables too. And lights everywhere. If I were to come up with words to describe the theme I’m going for, it would be rustic and organic. I don’t want anything too polished, too flashy, too bedazzled. I just want something pretty, minimal, fresh.

I also have my heart set on a destination wedding to Banff. It’s just such a beautiful place. It’s a cheaper alternative to Queenstown, New Zealand. HAHA.

Meats, cheeses, donuts, macarons…

Just letting you guys know, we will be having a meat and cheese spread and all that good stuff at my wedding. Non-negotiable. It’s happening. This is what I want. Also, I gotta have a dessert bar. So there, I will have all the cookies, brownies, macarons and the Filipino goodies of course. Oh, and a donut bar. Yes. It’s happening. Man, am I hungry right now…




As I have mentioned already, I want a rustic touch. And nothing screams rustic more than a naked cake. I love naked cakes, and I hate the typical fondant covered cake or these super extra cakes. I just want simple, and delicious of course! As for flavour, I have no idea yet haha.


These crazy big “cascading” bouquets have been so in right now. I fucking love them. I definitely want lots of greens and different varieties of flowers and plants in mine. Soooo beautiful!! Ahhhh.


I love wax seal stamps and anything minimal! So here’s a little glimpse of what I see in my mind.


Something about this photo really catches me. Sorry for the lack of word variety, but it is SIMPLE. I haven’t decided yet what colour theme I’d go for, but if all else fails– white is the way to go. I think I have decided on that a long time ago, but it’s hard not to fall in love with the blush, evergreen, burgundy…

However, one thing is for sure, my ladies are going to look simple and elegant. Perhaps with their own different cuts and whatever neckline they’re comfortable with. Hair down… say no to updo. Sorry not sorry.


For the longest time, since I started to take interest in photography, I’ve been following some of the most talented photographers evahhh. These two especially, have been superb ever since; specifically in wedding photography. Check out their instagram accounts and you’ll see what I mean! I would love for either of them to cover my wedding. But of course, just like my chosen videographer, I should probably start saving up so I can afford them LOL.

Jordan Voth instagram @ jordanvoth

Shannon Miller instagram @ shannonleemiller

So that sums up my “dream wedding”, of course that’s just the basics of it all. I could really go into detail with what I want, but that’ll take too long!

What’s your dream wedding like? I’d love to know 🙂 Let me know if we love the same thing, or if we are the complete opposites. Haha. Thanks for reading, xo

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