Presets ft. Gimli

Beach Bellini is on the bright side, perfect for these beach shots. Warm and cool at the same time with slightly muted whites and no highlights. Most of the presets I’ve created have highlights turned all the way down. Obsessed with flat/matte looking images.

**Edited with Beach Bellini version 2, which is more on the teal side:

The Grace and the rest of the other presets after will have a lot of similarities. I was really feeling the teal and accentuated reds/oranges. Also, the name is inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, cause Christian’s boat was named The Grace, haha.


Fruit Punch is the spinoff of Beach Bellini haha, more magenta on this one than orange. I just realized I named this fruit punch…cause beach bellini was inspired by a drink from Teavana, lol. Cheers!… I guess

Riverdale has become my go-to preset. I just realized I edited most of my photos with this one. I didn’t even expect this to be the go-to, out of all the presets I created. Disclaimer, I don’t watch Riverdale. This preset was just inspired by Archie comics type of colors and feeling and mood. Ya feel? I suck at explaining, I’m going to stop talking now.


Nautical was used to edit just this photo haha, less teal, defined blacks. I suck at explaining once again.

We’re Open is also just one photo, I wanted to edit the other “open” sign with this preset but it looked better in Riverdale, lets be real.

Fish n Chips pretty explanatory haha, had to get its own preset of course.

These two photos had different brightness, shadows, etc. (edited differently in camera raw editor) So they’re slightly different, but same preset.

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