Creamy Green Preset

As promised, I said I would put out free presets on the blog! I was playing around in Lightroom today and have come up with this Creamy Green preset! Originally, it was supposed to be pretty darn green, in terms of highlights. But then I accidentally added a pinkish tone to it which ended up looking so much better! So, just for you guys, I have 2 presets free to download. Creamy Green & Creamy Green Candy,  the second one is the spinoff obviously– which contains the accidental and super subtle pink highlights.

**NOTE: These presets only contain colour adjustments– this is obviously because every photo will be different in terms of lighting.  That being said, the exposure, shadows, highlights, whites and blacks, etc. are all up to you to tweak! Depending on your preferences.

Specifically, on these photos, I have my exposure bumped up for sure; highlights bumped up a tad or even bumped down…depending on how bright the photo already is; shadows bumped up as well but still making sure the blacks are accentuated so I bump that down a hair. Clarity and sharpness are also bumped up!

To download, just click on the preset names! If links don’t work please let me know ASAP♥



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