Chicken, Waffles + a Stud

Here’s a very overdue post for ya. These photos were actually taken the same day of my previous post. You can say I’ve been super busy with work. Been working as much as I could to save up for my Philippines trip which is nearing AF. In about 2 weeks, I’m on the plane off to daaa homeland.

Anyway, I just really wanted to blog about this day, in which dope photos were taken and even doper food was eaten. If you look back at my older posts, you’ll see my Ben & Florentine blog, which was also featuring the chicken + waffle combo. But lemme tell ya this: Tallest Poppy in Winnipeg has the best chicken + waffle I’ve had thus far. Their chicken is legit, seasoned to perfection! It’s a heavily hipster spot as well. Very cool place, it makes me feel like I’m in a Rosewood cafe (from Pretty Little Liars). Unfortunately I was way too shy to take more photos of the place. But if you’re a Winnipeger reading this, you’ve GOT TO get ’em chicken + waffles at Tallest Poppy if you haven’t already.

Last but not the least, thank you to Mr Buhay for takin’ me out to get good food all the time! And now, let us all just appreciate some dope portraits of the dude, and the food of course 😉

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