Boracay VLOG

So the past few days of last week I’ve been super occupied working on these overdue vlogs from September. But due to the endlesssss rendering time, I couldn’t get them up sooner.

Originally, I finished and uploaded my Philippines vlog first; which pretty much just covers our flight since I didn’t get to vlog much while I was there. However, I found that I liked it much better when I colour-graded the video, so now I have to wait a little longer for it to upload on YouTube all over again. But don’t you worry, I will also be posting it on here sooner than later.

I guess for now, this Boracay vlog will be the “first” uploaded one, even though it is technically the second one to be finished. I hope you enjoy it! It’s definitely much better than the first one anyway. This one has more footage!

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