001: Beauty favourites

So I’ve decided to start a new sort of segment on my blog. For someone who really loves makeup and everything glam, I’m surprised I haven’t done this sooner. Well, it’s about time y’all. My first post will cover some basics in my routine– what I like and what works for me. Maybe you can pick up a thing or two to try! Enjoy ūüôā

My skin type is combination to oily. Definitely get oily on my T-zone, especially my forehead. My face only gets dry in very cold months, or some random time of year that I couldn’t tell you why. I’m weird. But I’m more so on the oilier side of the spectrum. Moving on.

This¬†L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte¬†is¬†zeee bomb. As I got more into makeup and started to wear foundation on the daily, I struggled with finding the right formula for my skin. As the broke high school student I was, I didn’t lean towards high end products– so at least I got my options narrowed down to drug store.

Until now, with a job, I still wouldn’t spend my money on high end. Why? I’m just a firm believer that there’s a product out there, that’s drug store, and would work perfectly for¬†my skin¬†without spending the big bucks. And in all honesty,¬†there is¬†a product out there that¬†will work perfectly for YOU as well. You literally just have to patiently watch YouTube reviews until you narrow down and decide to try it for yourself. With all these new formulas and awesome quality drug store shit coming out, drug store is really the way to go.

Disclaimer: I am not hating on anyone who loves Sephora and dropping bills on high end makeup. To each his own. But I’d rather splurge on food, let’s be real.

So lo and behold! After years of searching, I found the best drugstore foundation yet. I used to think my holy grail drug store foundation was the Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation. But this Infallible formula is slightly better.

I fell in love with it because:

  • It blends in so flawlessly with my skin, the formula is great!
  • It really is¬†a matte finish. I could skip the setting powder with the Infallible and maybe just powder the oily areas of my face
  • I don’t notice it oxidizing? Maybe the slightest bit if anything
  • Long-wear. It stays on!
  • Very good coverage, and it is build-able

This isn’t a sponsored post by the way. Just trying to help a sista’ out finding the right foundation! ūüėČ


Another VERY¬†new new¬†for me is this¬†NYX Eyebrow Gel. For the longest time, I only used a NYX or Wet N’ Wild pencil with a brush to do my brows, but this one is a new hit.

PROS: Very pigmented, smudge proof and used with a brush for more definition
CON: It dries out very fast, so you gotta work fast

Overall, I love the product and I can see this lasting me a long time cause a little goes a loooong way.

I got it in the shade ESPRESSO.

This right here is the Earthy Elements palette by Milani. This is my go-to palette and use it almost all the time… I definitely love how pigmented each shadow is and I am obsessed with creating a very¬†bold and bright terracotta monochromatic look. I usually use each shadow by themselves and my typical winged liner and I am good to go. Or I pair it with my fluttery Wispies by Ardelle– super pretty. It’s literally the best.

Also, I recently started using the lightest shimmery shadow as a highlight and, my goodness… I am shookt. So worth it, for only what $9 plus tax? It’s soooo good.


I don’t know ’bout you, but I love me some¬†bronzin’ + highlight.

This is a baked bronzer from Milani, in the shade Glow or 04. Not quite sure, but it is bomb.

Now keep in mind that all these products are drug store, and they are amaze-balls!!! I love the colour it gives my cheeks.¬†I want¬†to say to use a light hand with this, only cause you can easily get carried away with it and it could go from poppin’ to drag queen real quick. But it’s a worth it product if you love your bronze AND your glow!

Copped me some liquid matte lipsticks, of course. These shades are everything. They aren’t true to colour in this photo since I post-processed, but trust they are super pretty and perfect if you love earthy wearable looks for fall!

Lastly, I didn’t get to take a separate pic of the Glamoflauge concealer by Hard Candy but it is¬†THE ONLY concealer I’ll ever use in my life. High end quality, super pigmented, AMAZING.

There’s definitely more products I want to share with you guys, and I am looking into reviewing¬†The Ordinary foundation + Primers soon. Let me know if you’d like to see that! xx






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