January 13 , 2017

Time Out

11:02 PM Not like I’m drowning in stress nor have buried my ugly crying face into my favorite blankie, after sending an email to my Anthropology prof, “asking for the exam breakdown”, when really… that was just my cry for help. Hoping he’d notice and give me the biggest heads up or something. Hah. I’ve […]

Hell Week

Here to bring you a quick update in between my study sessions~ I’ve been itching to get posts out and just give my blog some lovin’, but unfortunately, it’s exam week y’all.  I had to get right into studying after the holidays as I have two finals to write; one tomorrow and my last one […]

NO. 1

Another year has gone and we’re onto the new. If you ask me, 2016 had been my “idk” year. It had been the year I didn’t have a goal, a destination, or at times, it felt as though I didn’t even have a purpose. I just went about living each day separately, one at a […]

Lo & Behold

FINALLY GUYS. Here it is! I finally put my big girl pants on and I’m ready for this new year of BLOGGING. Yes, you heard that right– I’m so so stoked to be back in the blogging community. My blogging attempts had been on and off the year prior and I just wanted to put […]